Let’s build your dream business…together!

Help us test our business by letting us help you launch yours

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Morpheus will help you turn your idea into profit


is a business accelerator

Our Customers

are people with an idea, side hustle or a struggling online business

Our Online Course

takes them step by step through turning their idea into profit utilising the PowerHouse Platform

Our Workshops

provide personal guidance and support to those who want help completing some or all of the steps


helps connect them with the people and resources they need along they way



being able to conceive of an idea and having the ability to prove it’s worth and make it real


being able to turn your hobby into your full time gig


turning your existing products or services into profit and making the impact you’ve always dreamed of


turning your story of overcoming adversity into a profitable online course


being able to conceive of an idea and having the ability to prove it’s worth and make it real


being able to turn your hobby into your full time gig


turning your existing products or services into profit and finally making the impact you’ve always dreamed of

It's Here

Morpheus guides you through each step of turning your idea into a profitable legacy business

Morpheus: Products & Services

PowerLaunch – Online Course

complete each module of the PowerLaunch program online in your own time, at your own pace

PowerLaunch – Workshops (Online & Face 2 Face)

complete some or all PowerLaunch Modules via online workshop (Skype)

Joint Ventures & Outsourcing

build a virtual team of people who believe in your vision and have the necessary skills to help you reach success

Digital Advertising Campaigns

we will set up, test, optimise and scale your digital advertising campaigns for you

PowerLaunch + PowerHouse is our recipe for success

PowerLaunch guides you on your journey from idea to profit


Know Your Why

understand how your
product(s) and business benefits you and your customer


Build Your Platform For Success

map your funnels, populate your website & landing pages and configure your product(s) and/or service(s)


Connect To Your Market

activate sales funnels, email automation, advertising campaigns and analytics dashboards to launch and connect to your audience


Test, Improve, Then Scale

capture the relevant insight to improve returns and efficiencies so you can scale your advertising campaigns with as much impact as possible

“There are so many separate tools and services out there…how do I know yours will be as good as the rest?”

We’ve combined the best of the best to create a unique single platform that literally does it all 

Benefits of building your dream business with Morpheus


Hosting, email marketing automation, analytics and dashboards all integrated with each PowerSite


Domain purchasing integrated with each PowerSite you purchase


Get a fully optimised funnel style website that’s extremely easy to use, edit and update


This is familiar territory for anyone used to WordPress, packaged with endless enhancements and integrations


Create and sell a wide range of products and services, including bookings, subscriptions, memberships, e-books and much more


Take payments for your products and services with ease


Use custom ‘Thank You’ pages to track product sales and trigger email automations using PowerMail and/or Google Tags


Automatically generate and send branded invoices to your customers and joint venture partners each time a sale is made


Create a custom dashboard in PowerLytics to see everything you will ever need to know to maximise the profitability of your campaigns


PowerShare: Making it easy for you to grant access to the people you want to help you run your business


Joint Ventures: Launch products & services as a joint venture and share the revenue from each sale

Meet the Founder of Morpheus

David Ding

David Ding

Chimeric Co-Creator

& Founder of PowerHouse and Morpheus

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