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We back everyday people to turn their passion into a successful online business


backs everyday people to build a self-reliant online business

Our Customers

are heart led and driven to make an impact

We Test

your vision with real people to see if your idea is valid

We Back You

to assemble the ideal team of collaborators to launch and run your business

Then We

transition your business to you and your team once it’s capable of standing alone


We back you every step of the way until you are totally self-reliant


together we develop a strategy and run a pilot program to validate your idea or concept


we assemble a hybrid team of people with the expertise, skills and resources to support you and your business ongoing


we provide backing for you and your team to launch, optimise and grow your business until it becomes self-reliant


we permanently transition your business to you and your team

We back you to be successful

in return for a share of your future success

How It Works

Morpheus is a Hybrid Incubator, Backer and Freelance Team Builder

Once we know your business is viable we bring together a dream team of freelance collaborators with the necessary expertise, skills and resources to launch and run your business

We pay your collaborators monthly, in return for a royalty from your future sales to an agreed amount

(utilising PowerHouse)

Once your business is capable you canĀ  redistribute this royalty to pay your team directly and your business transitions organically

Redistributing the royalty to your virtual team of freelancers is a great way to scale your business organically

As their business can scale and adapt organically as your revenue increases

You receive all the backing you need whilst retaining total control and ownership of 100% of your business

Our business model is dependent upon your future success…so when we back you…it means we’re all in!

Not sure if your vision has merit?

Meet the founder

I’m passionate about backing people with an inspired vision to turn it into self-reliant business that can stand alone

David Ding

David Ding

Founder of Morpheus, PowerHouse and Chimera Studios

I will help you envision your highest potential with crystal clarity, then chunk it down into achievable steps that will make the seemingly impossible…totally doable.

Keen for a chat?

Flick me and email and we’ll set it up

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