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Where everyday people turn passion into profit…fast

PowerHouse is a hybrid of all the essential tools and services necessary for anyone to be able to create a successful online business


made simple that come with scalable hosting


so you can create and sell your products and services using branded invoices

Email Marketing

automated and integrated with your online store

Analytics Dashboards

the magic sauce for anyone serious about being successful online

Online Courses

convert your pearls of wisdom into an online course to create a powerful legacy product and business

Affiliate Marketing

enable Affiliate Marketers to share links to your products and services and automatically pay them a commission for every referral that turns into a sale

Royalties & Commissions

utilise our one of a kind system for automatically paying royalties and commissions to project enablers and affiliates

Receive Backing

10% of every Vendor sale goes towards enabling another PowerHouse Vendor to generate an income from their passion

When you enable people to do what they inherently want to be doing, holding them back becomes almost impossible

PowerHouse enables enablers to enable enablers

We Believe

everyone has the potential and even the right to do what it is they really want to be doing

PowerHouse Enables

everyone to use the expertise, skills and resources they want to be using to enable others to do the same and generate an income in the process

PowerHouse Enables

everyone to access all the essential tools necessary to create a  successful online business

Your Success Enables

other Vendors to receive Backing as 10% of every sale made using the PowerHouse platform is dedicated to enabling other Vendors to launch and scale their business

Resource enablement gone wild

The PowerHouse platform is so potent, containing your growth will become your greatest challenge

“This online stuff really isn’t my bag…I’ve got no idea how to get started…

PowerHouse was aptly named for a reason…all the essential tools for success are under one roof and project enablement grants are available if you need a hand to get started

We’ve partnered with Morpheus to present PowerLaunch: an incubation program like no other

Benefits of turning your passion into profit with PowerHouse


Validate your idea quickly and easily


Establish your online presence with a few clicks of the mouse


Hosting, email marketing automation, analytics and dashboards all integrated with your website


Domain purchasing & management integrated with your website


PowerSites are optimised for viewing on mobile devices


Familiar territory for anyone used to WordPress, but with endless enhancements and integrations


Create and sell a wide range of products and services, including bookings, subscriptions, e-books, memberships, software, music, courses and more


Take payments for your products and services with ease


Restrict pages on your website to specific users on your mailing list to easily sell memberships and webinars/workshops


Use custom ‘Thank You’ pages to track product sales and trigger email automations using PowerMail and/or Google Tags


Automatically generate and send branded invoices to your customers and joint venture partners each time a sale is made


Create a custom dashboard in PowerLytics to see everything you will ever need to know to maximise the profitability of your campaigns


PowerShare: Making it easy for you to grant access to the people you want to help you run your business


Backers: Sell products & services and share the revenue from each sale with your Backers


Affiliates: Run a world class affiliate program directly from your dashboard. Provide custom links and landing pages for each affiliate


Our Multi-Vendor online Marketplace featuring PowerHouse Vendor’s products and services available for purchase all in one place…it’s like magic!

Meet PowerHouse’s Enablers

One and a half Kiwis and one and a half Brits

David Ding

David Ding

Founder & Backer of PowerHouse, Morpheus & Chimera Studios

Tom Milliken

Tom Milliken

Founder & Backer of PowerHouse & The Pathfinder Trust

Lynda Wright

Lynda Wright

Founder & Backer of PowerHouse & Magnum Opus

“A person with the blueprint for success, is a person with the freedom to create their own enduring legacy.” – Lynda Wright

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